Meetup vs Meetup: The Ultimate Guide to Connecting’s Perspective considers both “meetup” and “meet-up” to be the same, but there are debates regarding whether “meet-up” should be considered as an adjective or not. While may not provide a clear answer, many language enthusiasts question the use of “meet-up” as an adjective and suggest using it only as a phrasal verb or a noun.

Defining Meetup/Meet-Up

Both “meetup” and “meet-up” can be defined as a regular meeting of people with shared interests, facilitated through a website or online platform. These meetings allow individuals to connect and engage with like-minded individuals over various activities, discussions, or events.

Usage Of “Meet Up” As Two Words And As A Phrasal Verb

“Meet up” is commonly used as two separate words to convey the action of individuals coming together or rendezvousing. It is also used as a phrasal verb, where the meaning of “meet” and “up” together signifies the act of meeting someone or gathering together.

Usage Of “Meetup” As A Noun For Gatherings Or Group Events

Unlike “meet up,” “meetup” is used as a single word. However, unlike “meet up” which describes the act of meeting, “meetup” serves as a noun specifically referring to a gathering or group event where individuals with similar interests come together.

Incorrect Usage Of The Hyphenated Form “Meet-Up”

The hyphenated form “meet-up” is considered incorrect in contemporary writing. Although it was once used, the hyphen was eventually dropped in favor of simplicity and consistency.

Therefore, it is important to avoid using “meet-up” as it is no longer considered a valid form.

Entries In Cambridge Dictionary And Oxford Dictionary

Both the Cambridge Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary have entries for “meet up” and “meetup.” These respected linguistic authorities recognize both forms and provide their definitions and usage examples to guide writers and speakers.

The History Of The Hyphen In “Meetup”

“Meetup” used to be hyphenated as “meet-up” in its earlier usage. However, as mentioned before, the hyphen was removed to streamline the word and make it easier to use and understand.

The dropping of the hyphen can be attributed to a shift in language preferences and a desire for simplicity.

AP Style Rules And The Clarity Of “Meet” And “Up”

In AP Style rules, hyphens are typically used to link words that modify a noun. However, in the case of “meet up,” the individual meanings of “meet” and “up” are already clear without the need for a hyphen.

Therefore, within the AP Style guidelines, it is suggested to use “meet up” as two separate words rather than as a hyphenated form.

Considering the correct usages of “meet up” and “meetup,” it is important to remember the following:
– Use “meet up” when referring to the act of meeting someone or rendezvousing. – Use “meetup” when referring to a gathering or group event with shared interests.

By following these guidelines, you will ensure proper usage of these terms in your writing and communication. So, whether you are organizing a meet up with a friend or attending a meetup to connect with a group, you can confidently use the correct form.

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