That’s vs That’s: Understanding the Difference and Usage

The Correct Spelling: “That’s” Vs “Thats”

When it comes to the English language, precision in spelling and usage is crucial. One common point of confusion is the difference between “that’s” and “thats.” It is important to note that “that’s” is the correct spelling, while “thats” is incorrect.

The presence of an apostrophe in “that’s” makes it the appropriate form.

“That’s” Is The Correct Spelling For The Conjunction

The word “that’s” is a conjunction that combines the words “that” and “is.” This conjunction is denoted by the presence of an apostrophe, indicating the omission of the letter “i” in “is.” Conjunctions are used to join words, phrases, or clauses together. They often serve to make language more casual and conversational.

“That’s” Is A Casual Conjunction

As mentioned earlier, “that’s” is a conjunction. Conjunctions are an essential part of the English language as they help to connect thoughts and ideas.

In the case of “that’s,” the conjunction is used to combine the word “that” with the verb “is.” The use of this conjunction tends to create a more laid-back and informal tone in speech or writing.

“Thats” Is Not A Word; “That’s” Is Always The Conjunction

It’s important to clarify that “thats” is not a recognized word in English. Whenever “thats” is used, it is always a misspelling.

The correct form is “that’s,” which, as explained earlier, is a contraction of the words “that” and “is.” So remember, the next time you come across “thats,” it’s best to correct it to “that’s.”

Examples Of Correct Usage For “That’s”

Here are a few examples to demonstrate the proper usage of “that’s”:

  • Example 1: That’s a great idea!
  • Example 2: I think that’s the right way to go.
  • Example 3: That’s what I’m talking about!

As you can see, “that’s” is used to indicate possession or to present an idea or opinion. These examples showcase the correct and accepted usage of the word.

“Thats” Is A Misspelling And Never Correct

Let’s reiterate once again: “thats” is an improper spelling and is never grammatically correct. The absence of the apostrophe makes it an invalid word.

To ensure accuracy and clarity in your writing, it is vital to avoid using “thats” altogether.

“That’s” Is A Contraction Requiring An Apostrophe

As mentioned earlier, “that’s” is a contraction of the words “that” and “is.” To indicate this contraction, the word “is” is shortened and combined with “that” using an apostrophe. This is a common grammatical construction in English where two words are joined together as one.

Examples Of Correct Usage For “That’s”

Here are a few more examples to help illustrate the correct usage of “that’s”:

  • Example 1: That’s a beautiful sunset.
  • Example 2: I believe that’s the best decision we can make.
  • Example 3: That’s the funniest joke I’ve heard all day!

These examples further emphasize the appropriate manner in which to use “that’s” in various contexts. It is important to pay attention to spelling and maintain consistency in your writing.

In conclusion, “thats” is never grammatically correct, while “that’s” is the correct spelling and usage of the conjunction “that is.” Using “thats” is an error and should always be corrected to “that’s.” These distinctions may seem small, but they play a significant role in ensuring clear and accurate communication in the English language.

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