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Apostrophe Followed By An “S” Shows Possession Or Abbreviation

The use of an apostrophe followed by an “s” is a common grammatical convention that has two main purposes: to indicate possession and to show abbreviation. In the case of possession, the apostrophe-s construction is used to demonstrate that something belongs to someone or something else.

For example, “John’s car” indicates that the car belongs to John. Similarly, when it comes to abbreviations, the apostrophe-s is used to indicate the omission of letters or numbers.

For instance, “it’s” is the contraction of “it is,” and “1990’s” is the abbreviation of “1990s.”

“Thank’s” Implies Possession But “Thanks” Cannot Be Possessive

While the use of an apostrophe-s is appropriate for indicating possession or abbreviation, it becomes problematic when applied to the word “thanks.” The word “thanks” is the plural form of “thank” and is used to express gratitude. However, “thank’s,” with an apostrophe, implies possessiveness which is incorrect because “thanks” cannot be possessive.

One cannot possess gratitude. Therefore, “thank’s” does not make logical sense and should not be used.

“Thanks” Is The Correct Plural Form Of “Thank”

In the English language, adding an “s” to a word is the typical way to indicate the plural form. Similarly, “thanks” is the appropriate plural form of the singular noun “thank.” When expressing gratitude to multiple individuals or for multiple things, “thanks” is the word that should be used.

It is crucial to note that “thanks” does not require an apostrophe before or after the “s” to indicate plurality.

Erroneous To Add Apostrophe Before “S” In “Thanks”

It is important to understand that adding an apostrophe before the “s” in “thanks” is considered a grammatical error. The use of the apostrophe in this context implies possession, which does not apply to the word “thanks.” “Thanks” is not something that can be owned or possessed; it is an expression of gratitude.

Therefore, adding an apostrophe before the “s” in “thanks” is incorrect and should be avoided.

Only “Thanks” Should Be Used To Show Gratitude

To accurately convey gratitude in written or spoken English, the only correct form to use is “thanks.” This word serves as both the singular and plural form of expressing thanks. It is customary and widely accepted in the English language to use “thanks” as a standalone word without any apostrophes.

Using “thanks” appropriately demonstrates sincerity and respect for the recipient of the gratitude.

Correct And Incorrect Usage Of “Thanks” And “Thank’s”

To emphasize the correct usage of “thanks” and the incorrect usage of “thank’s,” let’s consider some examples:

  • Correct: “Thanks for helping me with my assignment.” – Here, “thanks” is used correctly to express gratitude without any apostrophe.
  • Incorrect: “Thank’s for helping me with my assignment.” – The addition of an apostrophe before the “s” in “thank’s” is incorrect and should be avoided.
  • Correct: “We received many thanks for organizing the event.” – The plural form “thanks” is used without apostrophe to indicate multiple expressions of gratitude.
  • Incorrect: “We received many thank’s for organizing the event.” – Adding an apostrophe before the “s” in “thank’s” is grammatically incorrect and should not be used.
  • These examples illustrate the proper and improper use of “thanks” and “thank’s.” It is essential to adhere to the correct form to maintain clarity and grammatical accuracy in expressing gratitude.

    Incorrect To Use Apostrophe In “Thank’S” Or “Thanks'”

    To reiterate, it is incorrect to use an apostrophe in “thank’s” or “thanks’.” Neither of these forms is appropriate when expressing gratitude. The word “thanks” does not require an apostrophe before or after the “s” to indicate plural or ownership.

    Using an apostrophe in this context is grammatically incorrect and should be avoided to ensure proper communication.

    “Thank’S” And “Thanks'” Are Grammatically Incorrect

    In conclusion, it is crucial to understand that “thank’s” and “thanks'” are both grammatically incorrect. The use of an apostrophe in these contexts implies possession, which is not applicable to the word “thanks.” The correct and only form to use to express gratitude is “thanks,” without any apostrophe.

    Proper usage of language is essential for effective communication, and avoiding these grammatical errors will help maintain clarity and precision in written and spoken English.

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