Sample Email to Old Boss to Say Hi and Reconnect: Tips for Building Professional Relationships After Departure

Choose An Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

When reaching out to an old boss, it is crucial to choose a subject line that conveys the main point of the email and catches their attention. Remember, your boss likely receives numerous emails daily, so you need to make yours stand out.

Some attention-grabbing subject line examples include:

  • Long Time No See! Catching Up and Reconnecting”
  • “Rekindling Our Professional Journey: A Hi from [Your Name]”
  • “Reminiscing Our Time Together: Let’s Chat and Reconnect”

Start With A Suitable Greeting

Once you have captivated your boss’s attention with an enticing subject line, it is essential to start your email with a suitable greeting. Begin by addressing your old boss in a professional manner.

A classic greeting like “Dear [Boss’s Name],” or “Hello [Boss’s Name],” will make the email feel more personal.

Show Interest In Reconnecting And Ask About Well-Being

After the greeting, express your interest in reconnecting and demonstrate genuine concern for your old boss’s well-being. Use phrases like “I hope you are doing well” or “I trust this email finds you in good health.” This will show that you genuinely care about their current situation and are interested in rebuilding the professional relationship.

Establish Rapport With Small Talk

To make the conversation casual and establish rapport, include some small talk in your email. This could involve mentioning a shared interest or bringing up a topic that you know your boss is passionate about.

This will help in creating a friendly and light-hearted tone for the conversation. Remember to keep the small talk brief and focused on positive aspects to maintain a professional image.

Display Enthusiasm In Reconnecting

Throughout the email, it’s crucial to display enthusiasm in reconnecting with your old boss. Use phrases like “I have been looking back fondly on our time working together” or “I would love the opportunity to catch up on the great projects we worked on.” By expressing your excitement, you will make the email more engaging and compelling for your boss to read.

Remind Boss Who You Are

To ensure that your boss remembers who you are, briefly remind them of your previous professional relationship. Highlight key projects you worked on together or milestones achieved during your time working under their leadership.

This will jog their memory and bring back shared experiences, making the reconnection process smoother.

Share Recent Updates And Activities

In the email, share some recent updates and activities you have been involved in since you last worked together. This could include promotions, new responsibilities, or any significant accomplishments.

This will not only demonstrate how you have grown professionally but also provide great talking points for your boss to engage in the conversation.

Clearly State Reason For Reaching Out

After establishing a warm and friendly tone, clearly state the reason for reaching out to your old boss. This could involve expressing your interest in potential collaborations, seeking advice on a specific issue, or simply letting them know you would like to stay connected.

By clearly articulating your purpose, you will give your boss a clear direction and encourage them to respond with equal enthusiasm.

Through this email, you aim to grab your old boss’s attention, express your interest in reconnecting, establish rapport through small talk, display enthusiasm in reconnecting, remind your boss who you are, share recent updates and activities, and clearly state the reason for reaching out. By following these tips and using the provided sample email templates, you can successfully rebuild professional relationships after departure.

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