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1. The Difference Between “In This Matter” And “On This Matter”

When it comes to discussing a specific topic or issue, the choice of prepositions can significantly impact the meaning and emphasis of a sentence. In the case of “in this matter” and “on this matter,” both phrases generally convey the idea of “regarding this matter.” However, their usage can vary depending on the preceding wording, with one suggesting a slight preference over the other.

2. Both Phrases Generally Mean “In Regard To This Matter”

In most cases, both “in this matter” and “on this matter” can be used interchangeably to express the concept of considering or discussing a particular subject. These phrases indicate that the speaker or writer is focusing their attention specifically on the topic at hand.

Whether it is “in this matter” or “on this matter,” they both imply a level of engagement and involvement with the subject matter.

3. Use May Vary Depending On Preceding Wording, One Suggesting Preference

Although “in this matter” and “on this matter” are generally interchangeable, their usage can be influenced by the context in which they are employed. In certain instances, one phrase might be preferred over the other due to the preceding wording.

For example, if a sentence starts with “I would like to give my opinion,” it would be more appropriate to use “on this matter” to maintain the focus on thoughts and perspectives. However, without any specific context, either phrase can effectively convey the intended meaning.

4. “In The Matter Of…” Not Interchangeable With “On The Matter Of…”

It is essential to note that “in this matter” and “on this matter” should not be confused with the phrases “in the matter of” or “on the matter of.” While the former two phrases refer to a specific topic or issue, the latter two expressions are commonly used in legal or formal contexts to introduce a case or subject of discussion. These phrases carry a different connotation and are not interchangeable in their usage.

5. No Rule To Cover All Cases, Complexity Of Idiomatic Prepositions Acknowledged

Understanding the nuances of prepositions in different contexts can be challenging as there is no rule that can provide a definitive answer for every situation. The English language is replete with idiomatic expressions and prepositional nuances that can vary based on the speaker’s intention or the specific meaning desired.

Therefore, when using phrases like “in this matter” and “on this matter,” it is crucial to consider the intended meaning and the broader context in which they are used.

6. “On This Matter” Refers To Matter As Topic Of Discussion, Suited For Opinions/Thoughts

When “on this matter” is employed, it emphasizes the topic at hand as the subject of discussion. This phrase is often suited for expressing opinions, thoughts, or views regarding a specific theme.

For example, in a debate about climate change, one might state, “On this matter, I firmly believe that urgent action is necessary to mitigate the effects of global warming.” Here, “on this matter” emphasizes the importance of the climate change issue as the focus of the speaker’s thoughts and perspectives.

7. “In This Matter” Indicates Action Taken Or To Be Taken, Verb Preceding Preferred But Not Strict Rule

When using the phrase “in this matter,” it indicates that some form of action has been taken or will be taken in relation to the discussed topic. It provides a sense of involvement and engagement in resolving or addressing the matter at hand.

While it is preferred to have a verb preceding “in this matter,” it is not a strict rule. For instance, one could say, “In this matter, we will explore various solutions and propose necessary changes.” Here, the absence of a verb immediately preceding “in this matter” does not diminish its implication of action and engagement.

8. Use Of “In This Matter,” “Over This Matter,” And “About This Matter” Interchangeable.

In addition to “in this matter” and “on this matter,” the phrases “over this matter” and “about this matter” can also convey a similar meaning. These expressions indicate a focus on a specific topic or issue, emphasizing consideration, discussion, or action.

For instance, one might say, “Over this matter, a thorough investigation has been conducted to determine the truth.” Here, “over this matter” is used interchangeably with “in this matter” to convey engagement and involvement in addressing the topic. Similarly, “about this matter” can be utilized in a similar manner: “We need to have a serious discussion about this matter to find a resolution.”

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