How To Respond To WTW In Text

“What the weather” is a textspeak shorthand for “What’s the weather like?” It’s also a great way to start a conversation with someone you’re interested in – but how do you respond? In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to keep the conversation going after you’ve asked about the weather.

What Does “WTW” Mean?

If you’re wondering what “WTW” means, you’re not alone. This acronym is commonly used online and in text messages, but its meaning is not always clear. Here’s a look at what “WTW” could mean and how you can respond to it.

One possible meaning of “WTW” is “what the weather?” This is often used when someone wants to know what the weather is like in a certain location. If you receive this message, you can simply reply with the current temperature and forecast for the area.

Another possibility is that “WTW” stands for “way too weird.” This is often used as a response to something that is strange or unexpected. If you receive this message, it’s likely that the person is joking around or trying to be funny. In this case, you can respond with a laugh or another humorous comment.

Finally, “WTW” could also mean “words to live by.” This is usually used when someone wants to share a piece of advice or wisdom. If you receive this message, you can thank the person for their advice and let them know that you’ll try to remember it.

So, what does “WTW” mean

How Do I Respond To “WTW”?

If you receive a text message that says “WTW” or “What’s up, dude?”, you can respond in a number of ways. “WTW” is a casual greeting, so you can respond in a casual way. For example, you could reply with “Hey, what’s up?” or “What’s going on?”. If you want to be more friendly, you could say “Hey, how are you doing?” or “What’s new?”.


When you receive a WTW text, you have a few options on how to respond. You can either ignore it, reply with a generic response, or take the time to craft a thoughtful, personal response. If you choose to ignore the text, the sender will likely get the message that you’re not interested in talking to them. If you reply with a generic response, the conversation may fizzle out quickly. However, if you take the time to write a personal response, you’ll show that you’re interested in keeping the conversation going.

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