How To Respond To “What’s Good”

“What’s good?” is one of the most basic, yet versatile greetings in the English language. It can be used to start a friendly conversation or as a way to check in on someone without being too forward. The question is sure to come up at some point during your day: you might be talking with friends, meeting new people at work or school, or just hanging out with family members. You’ll have plenty of opportunities in which you’ll need to know how to respond appropriately when someone asks what’s good!

How To Respond To “What’s Good?” From A Guy

One of the most common ways to start a conversation with a stranger is by asking, “What’s good?” This expression literally means “What’s happening?” and it’s used widely in informal settings like school or work. You can respond with the same phrase, as it will help make clear that you’re open to talking. If he gives you an answer (e.g., “I just got back from vacation! How have you been?”), then ask him what he did on vacation and how excited he was to return home. If not, then say something else—for example:

  • “Nothing much.” (A short response.)
  • “Not much.” (A longer response.)
  • “Not too much…” (Another even longer response.)

The Usual, Just At Work. Are You Up To Anything Good?

  • What’s up?

Hi there, it’s me! How are you? I’m doing well. What have you been up to?

  • The Usual, Just At Work. Are You Up To Anything Good?

I’m at work today and things are going well here. It’s funny because yesterday our office manager and I made a big deal about how we had to do some stuff for our boss. And then he was like “Why don’t you just do that?” We were like “Oh yeah.” Then he left for vacation and now it feels like all of those plans never happened! But I guess that happens sometimes when you work in an office—you forget what day it is or who’s in charge of what project or even what year it is sometimes. Did anything fun happen to anyone over the weekend?

Not Too Much, Chilling At Home. You?

Respond with a positive, energetic tone. You should try to avoid talking about your problems or putting down other people, as this can make you seem ungrateful for the support of your friend. Use positive words and avoid negative ones. When responding to “what’s good?”, don’t mention anything that’s not good: instead, talk about one thing that is going well in your life right now (your job, an upcoming trip). Be specific when answering “what’s good?” If someone asks what you’re up to lately, give them a brief overview of what has happened since they last saw or talked to you: where have you been going? What are some things that have been exciting for you recently?

I’m Hanging In There

What’s good?

This phrase is a greeting, and it means “How are you?” It is a question that can be used in many situations: on the phone, in person, or even online. In fact, if you want to get really technical about it, what’s good could be used as both a question (What’s good?) and an answer (I’m doing good).

Heck, I’ve Been Better!

If you’re like me, and you’ve got a wry sense of humor (or just a dark one), this is the answer for you. It takes some finesse to express what you mean without sounding negative or boring, but it can be done!


  • Be honest: You might genuinely think that your day was terrible and that all your friends are having better lives than yours, but if so, then why are they asking? The person who asked the question has no idea how good or bad your life is because they aren’t in it with you every day. They probably just want an answer that isn’t “fine” or “good”.
  • Be neutral: This one is tricky because it might feel like there are only two options here: being positive or being negative. But there’s actually another way: being neutral! If someone asks how something went and they’re expecting a positive response but instead get something along these lines…

Oh, Nothing Special! The Usual!

Don’t get too personal. That can be an easy trap to fall into, especially when you’re feeling like your day has been a bit of a drag and you’ve got nothing special to report. But it’s also important not to tell the person that you have no news! Remember: the point of this response is to keep things light and friendly. Don’t be too vague or mysterious either, though! If you respond with something along the lines of “Oh…nothing much,” or “The usual,” it’ll probably leave whoever asked wondering what on earth that means in terms of both content and tone (which could lead them straight back into thinking about how boring their own lives are). Don’t make it all about yourself—this isn’t just true for this particular question; it’s good life advice generally speaking! A lot of people really struggle with this one; they want so badly for their responses not only to give others something interesting but also to prove how cool and interesting they themselves are at all times (and sometimes even more than once). This kind of thinking leads us down paths where we might say things like: “Oh yeah? Well, my day has been just as boring as yours!” And while true statements like these might seem funny at first glance…they’re actually pretty mean-spirited 😉 So instead let’s focus on being encouraging 🙂

“Meh, I’ll Be Alright.”

This is a tricky one. You can’t be too negative, and you can’t seem like everything is fine when it clearly isn’t. But you also don’t want to over-dramatize or go on too long about your sad day. The best thing to do here is to keep it short and sweet. A good response might be:


  • “Not much. Just trying to get through this day without crying again.”
  • “Nothing much; just got home from work.”
  • “I’m good enough.”

Should You Reply To “What’s Good?”

Yes, you should reply to “what’s good?”

It’s a polite question that means “how are you doing?” or “hello.” It’s also a way of starting a conversation, which is probably your goal when you’re replying to this innocuous greeting.

“What’s good?” is also an icebreaker—a way of saying hello that doesn’t require much effort on your part but still lets the other person know you’re interested in them.


If you’re looking for a way to connect with others, checking in on what they have going on can be a great way to start. It’s quick, it doesn’t require much effort and it shows that you care about the other person’s life, even if just a little bit! If you want more ideas on how best respond to this question, check out our previous post here.

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