How To Respond To Christos Anesti

Christos anesti! Christ is risen! These are the joyful words that Greek Orthodox Christians around the world proclaim on Easter Sunday morning. But what does this phrase mean, and how should we respond to it?

What Does “Christos Anesti” Mean?

Christos Anesti is a Greek expression that means “Christ is Risen”. This phrase is used to greet one another during Easter, and it is also a popular saying among Christians. The phrase can be used as a standalone greeting, or as part of a longer Easter greeting.

How Do I Respond To “Christos Anesti”?

The risen Christ has brought us new life, and we are called to respond to Him! But how? Below are three ways you can respond to Christos Anesti:

1. Worship Him

The first and most important way to respond to Christos Anesti is to worship Him. This can be done through prayer, singing, and giving thanks. Let us never forget that it is because of His death and resurrection that we have been given new life, and so we must always worship and praise Him!

2. Share the Good News

Another way to respond to Christos Anesti is to share the Good News with others. Because He has risen, we have hope! We can share this hope with others by telling them about what Christ has done for us.

3. Serve Others

Finally, we can respond to Christos Anesti by serving others. As we serve those around us, we show them the love of Christ. And as we do so, we remember that it is because of His love for us that we are able to serve others at all.


Christos Anesti is a powerful and moving Easter hymn that can touch the hearts of all who hear it. This blog will explore the meaning of the hymn and how best to respond to it. Christos Anesti is Greek for “Christ is Risen”, and the hymn commemorates Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The lyrics speak of Christ’s triumph over death and sin, and of the hope and joy that His resurrection brings. The hymn also calls on us to reflect on our own lives and to turn to Christ in repentance and faith. As we sing Christos Anesti, let us remember what it means and let us respond with joy, hope, and thanksgiving.

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