Better Ways To Say “Hop On A Call” (Formal Synonyms)

In professional settings, it is often necessary to communicate through phone calls, especially when in-person meetings are not feasible. However, the phrase ‘hop on a call’ can come across as informal and casual, which may not be appropriate in formal situations.

Therefore, it is important to use more professional and formal alternatives to suggest a phone call. This article presents 10 better ways to say ‘hop on a call’ in formal contexts. These synonyms aim to maintain a quick and light conversation, avoid lengthy phone calls, and discuss sensitive matters where in-person communication is not possible.

By using phrases such as ‘let’s have a quick call’ or ‘let’s discuss this over the phone,’ professionals can convey their willingness to engage in a phone conversation while maintaining a formal tone. The article provides various suggestions to facilitate effective and professional phone communication, emphasizing the importance of concise, clear, and formal language.

10 Ways to Suggest a Phone Call

One alternative way to suggest a phone call in a formal setting is by using the expression ‘let’s have a quick call,’ which conveys a desire to keep the conversation brief and informal.

This phrase is useful when there is a need to discuss something quickly without taking up too much time. Scheduling a call allows for real-time communication, enabling immediate feedback and clarification.

Phone conversations also have the advantage of conveying tone and emotion more effectively than written communication. Additionally, phone calls are beneficial when discussing sensitive or confidential information that may require a more secure form of communication.

By suggesting a phone call, individuals can ensure effective and efficient communication while maintaining professionalism.


An alternative phrase to suggest engaging in a telephone conversation in a professional setting is to propose discussing the matter over the phone, which can be particularly useful when sensitive information needs to be shared or when face-to-face interaction is not possible.

This is one of the polite alternatives to the phrase ‘hop on a call’. By using this phrase, it shows a willingness to communicate and discuss the topic further, while also acknowledging the need for a different method of conversation.

This can be especially helpful when asking for sensitive information or when it is not possible to have an in-person meeting. The phrase ‘let’s discuss this over the phone’ conveys a formal tone and allows for productive communication without the need for lengthy emails or other forms of written communication.


‘Let’s discuss this over the phone’ is a suitable alternative phrase to propose engaging in a telephone conversation in a professional setting. When seeking to initiate a phone conversation, it is important to use appropriate and formal language. This phrase effectively conveys the intention to have a discussion on the phone, providing a clear and concise way to propose a call.

By using this phrase, one can express the need for further conversation or the requirement for sensitive information that may not be suitable for email communication. It offers a professional tone while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor.

Overall, ‘Let’s discuss this over the phone’ is an effective alternative that allows for productive communication in a formal setting.


Initiating a telephone conversation in a professional context can be effectively conveyed by proposing to discuss the matter over the phone. When suggesting a phone call, there are several alternative phrases that can be used to convey the intention clearly and professionally.

These include:nn1. ‘Let’s have a quick call’: This phrase indicates a desire for a brief and efficient conversation, avoiding the problem of lengthy discussions.

  1. ‘Let’s discuss this over the phone’: This alternative suggests the need for further discussion, especially in situations where sensitive information is involved or when face-to-face interaction is not possible.
  1. ‘Let’s have a phone call’: This phrase is a friendly yet formal way to suggest a conversation. It expresses a willingness to engage in dialogue while maintaining a professional tone.

By utilizing these alternative phrases, professionals can initiate phone conversations in a clear and respectful manner, fostering effective communication and collaboration.


Utilizing appropriate phrases can effectively convey the intention of engaging in a telephone conversation in a professional context. When looking for alternatives to the commonly used phrase “let’s have a call,” there are several ways to start a phone conversation in a formal manner. Here are some alternatives that can be used:

Phrase Explanation
“Let’s discuss this over the phone” Suggests the need for further discussion and is useful for sensitive or non-personal topics
“Would you be able to join this call?” A question-based alternative for ongoing calls where someone may benefit from joining
“Would you like to have a call?” A simple yes or no question to gauge interest and facilitate scheduling and topic discussion
“Hopefully, we can plan a call to discuss this” Shows willingness to have a call but uncertainty about the other person’s schedule
“We should discuss this over a call” Implies the need for more productive communication than emails can provide
“Let’s discuss this at [specified time]” Allows for specifying a time for the call without explicitly stating it’s a phone call
“Are you free for a call at [specified time]?” A specific alternative to discuss matters further over the phone
“I think we should have a conversation” Implies the need for a different method of conversation, such as a phone call

These alternatives provide formal and professional options for initiating a phone conversation in various situations.

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